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more_dtng_drama's Journal

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Welcome to more_dtng_drama!

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1. You must be atleast 15 years old to apply, the mod can make an acception to this depending on the person and the way they roleplay.

2. You must update once a week, anything less than that and you'll be put on cut warning. If you want to update more than once, please do. Also be on AIM for atleast 2 hours a week to roleplay, don't be afraid to IM others.

3. Comment eachother's entries, even if your characters don't like eachother that much.

4. You must have your first entry up when you apply, it gives the mod a chance to see how you roleplay the character.

5. If you are going to do something extremely dramatic with your character, please contact the moderator (Gina: goxxforxxitxx). I don't want five people pregnant and on drugs at the same time, that's just too crazy.

6. NO OOC drama please. You will be cut immediately, it's just immature.

7. Any out-of-character comments should be put in ((write something here duh)) form, so it's not confused with something your character is saying.

8. Where it asks if you read the rules, please put "get into the drama" in your application, which can be found Here!.

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Open Characters
Danny Van Zandt
Nate Sullivan
Ashley Kerwin
Chris Sharpe
J.T. Yorke
Kendra Mason
Liberty Van Zandt
Nadia Jamir
Toby Isaacs
Aaron "Sully" Sullivan
Dean Roberts
Dylan Michalchuk
Hazel Aden
Marco Del Rossi
Terri McGreggor
Darcy Edwards
Sean Cameron
Ellie Nash
Heather Sinclair

Characters in bold are the most needed, the ones that are italicized are the ones held(which will only be held for 48 hours). Even if they are held, feel free to apply, i will accept the best between them. I will be accepting two one more original character - male please.

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Taken Characters
Emma Nelson: emmaishere - AIM: emma brings it
Manny Santos: miss_miss_manny - AIM: miss manuella x
Peter Stone: goxxforxxitxx - AIM: shutupxxandplay
Spinner Mason: spinner_x - AIM: x SPINlovesCAKE
Alex Nunez: nuneza - AIM: alx nnz wuz here
Craig Manning: craiga_rockstar - AIM: rocstarxmanning
Delilah Thomas(OC): devinedelilah - AIM: hypnotize me x
Jay Hogart: stoned_hogart - AIM: HogartOwnsYou
Paige Michalchuk: thats_so_paige - AIM: PartyPartyPaige
Jimmy Brooks: brooks_jimothy - AIM: jimmysgotskill

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If you have questions, ideas, want to become affiliates, anything at all. Please contact the moderator.
(Gina: goxxforxxitxx - AIM: shutupxxandplay)